Hi, I’m Alexia.

I’m a whiz at business development and an unshakable supporter to all of you out there wanting to walk the entrepreneurial path.

Pick my brains for the intentional, efficient and collaborative development of your business + entrepreneurial mindset!

Whether you’re a budding or savvy entrepreneur, I’m here to help you transition seamlessly from Big Corp/Big Law/You Name It to entrepreneurship and to realize your audacious business concepts.

My clients range from solopreneurs-in-the-making to international law firms, as well as international organisations, incubators of startups, wellness professionals, high-end food companies, niche cosmetic companies…



A coach for entrepreneurs, a business development consultant, an entrepreneur, an intuition facilitator, a writer and a speaker. A former lawyer, too.

I founded boutique agency B.right Brains Co. to help my clients embrace their entrepreneurial dreams & vision and bring their business goals to another level. 

I am a strong believer in growing a business while living our best lives, so working with me means alignment, transparency …and fun!

Before founding B.right Brains Co., I practiced as a lawyer (international trade and project finance) at top tier international firms in Canada, the UK, South Africa, the UAE and France.


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Here’s how I can help you & your business thrive:

Consulting for your business

Are you looking to have someone help you with new ideas, effective plans and help make the final okay regarding your strategic development and marketing?

Coaching for entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur at heart but scared to take the first step? Or may be you have already embraced the entrepreneur life but need a nudge to step out of your comfort zone? The Inside Out Entrepreneur is my signature program for entrepreneurs ready to make a difference and thrive!

Inner Voice & Intuition Facilitator

Tired of the constant train of thoughts? Not sure what your entrepreneurial process holds for you? Time to go beyond the Mind and access your deepest wisdom: your Inner Voice!

The BBCo Academy

You can access curated mini-courses, trainings, pdf guides and resources all designed to answer questions I have received over the years.


Want to book me as speaker or facilitator for your conference/webinar/event/mastermind?



Do you have the right tools to get to the next level?

Through my different consulting missions, I get to experiment and geek out on pretty great software and get to report back on what works (and what doesn’t!) for you.

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