It’s been a creative few months!

Well hey there, How have you been? Getting used to the new normal in the old world? Finding a way to balance it all out and make it work for you? It…

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What is it that you do with your weird talents?

Hi there, “What are your greatest weaknesses?” Surely you’ve been in a position where you had to answer that question during a job interview. Surely…

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Getting organized about organizing the year ahead

So there I was, at my local Parisian office & school supplies store, standing in front of shelves fully packed with organizers refills of all styles…

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When it’s ok to retreat if it means you come back stronger

So the monthly B.right Brains Co. newsletter that was launched in the spring to the sound of victorious drumrolls quickly turned into… nada. The…

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Welcome to the B.right Brains Co. project

You’re part of a new project for me, a newsletter that I write for a (surprisingly) large number of people scattered all over the world to read on…

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A business is born !

After years of daydreaming, months of constant talk and weeks of work around the clock... I’m delighted to announce the official birth of B.right…

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