Feeling stuck in your creative process? Tired of the constant train of thoughts? Now sure what your entrepreneurial process holds for you? Simply interested in checking in with your intuition and a dialogue with your inner voice?

Whether you’re looking for guidance on your best next steps across your personnal life or wish to intuitively finetune your business plan, you won’t find all the answers through your mind. Time to go beyond the Mind and go deep in your Inner Voice!

The Inner Voice is the calm, reassuring, gentle voice within YOU that guides you toward ultimate alignment. We all have access to it and can find the resources to make decisions that are right for us – as opposed to what is expected of us.

I’m a certified Inner Voice facilitator (trained by Jess Lively herself!) – I’m simply here to hold space for you so you can safely tap into the power of your Inner Voice, experience your inner guidance, allow all of the knowing to come throug, and release old beliefs.

How does a session go?

As we go in our session (2 hours or 44 minutes, depending on the format that you choose to pick), I will help you get out of your head and flow inward into a slower brain wave activity so you can speak from the inner voice. Your Mind will become less active and your Inner Voice will become clearer and chattier. The Mind can totally relax and take a comfortable back seat as I’ll ask the questions for your Inner Voice to respond to! Remember: All the answers are within you.

Classic Inner Voice session (2 hours): this format allows you to access your inner guidance on all areas of your life. This experience give you a direct line of communication with your inner voice where you simply get to be your inner voice. Uncover answers to your minds’ subtle questions, and  flow onto a path of ease,  alignment, and joy.

Each session will be recorded, so your Mind can switch off and relax as it knows that it will get to listen to the full recording and hear everything that was said (again!).

I will also teach you a simple technique that will enable you to practice a shorter version of the session all by yourself when you feel like it’s time to press PAUSE, check in with yourself and regain this blissful state of higher consciousness.

Emotionnal Bean Bag Release session (44 min): True to Jess Lively’s teachings and methods, I also offer a short-form version of emotional Bean bag release (“Pain body” as Eckhart Tolle calls them) with a focus on letting go of trapped emotions and inner blockages.

Interested? Which one feels right for you?


109 US$

A 44-min Emotional Bean Bag Release session. Ideal to unlock some stuck emotions.
(US$ 109 - EUR 96)


345 US$

A 2-hour stand-alone
Classic Inner Voice session

(US$345 - EUR 321)


2 640 US$

Enjoy an optional 90-min Inner Voice session as part of your 1:1 Inside Out Entrepreneur coaching program

(10 individual sessions over 6 months - US$ 2640 - EUR 2460)
(Payment per session)


1 640 US$

My signature Inside Out Entrepreneur coaching program - in a group of 10 like-minded entrepreneurs so that you get to tap into the amazing energy from team work, get to benefit from everyone's progress and build your own network (6 months - US$1640 - EUR 1460)