Well hey there,

How have you been?

Getting used to the new normal in the old world? Finding a way to balance it all out and make it work for you?

It would seem that spring 2020 has been kind to me in terms of creative productivity.

Firstly, my beloved editor at Hachette gave me the thumbs up on the book draft De l’art d’envoyer valser sa carrière on career change – and it’ll be available in bookstores in France at the end of August (yeah!).

For a while now, I have been working alongside some of my clients to assist them design, create, assemble and promote their online courses’ materials. I’m a big consumer of online courses myself so I know all too well the incredible value of a well-rounded e-course.And then in May, it finally hit home: that was the way for me to scale my business without having to grow my team further (#FearOfManagement!)! So the rest of the summer (= my holidays!) will be devoted to browsing all the content I’ve created over the years, both for my business development and coaching for entrepreneursclients, rethink it and combine it into some beautiful content that I can proudly present to the world to help all of you out there create or expand your existing business.

Will you hold this space for me? If by mid-September I have no news to share with you on the topic, remind me of this message, will you?

(That was my “secondly”)

And thirdly, just as the whole podcasting world seems to be going on a short break in the Northern hemisphere, I’m bringing a new show to the world together with my friend and (fintech) entrepreneur Mrids

A show about …development and changes (recurring topics for me, can you tell?!) that come with entering your 4th decade. With extra-ordinary men and women sharing their life experiences with us.

Welcome to the world, This is 40!

Is there something in the air? Are you also feeling extra creative?


A few words about This is 40!

A few months ago, in April 2020, as the whole of France was deep into Covid confinement, my friend Mrids and I spent hours on the phone figuring out the next steps in many aspects of our respective lives: our businesses, masks DIY, home-schooling survival tips, “mind expanders” that we should be reaching out to, books to read, movies to catch up on (on TV), delicious-yet-easy recipes, podcast episodes to listen to… .

We swapped life updates, ideas for growth and “what a weird year” best practices, getting all caught up as we hadn’t seen each other in months. We had so much to talk about. And so much energy. So much enthusiasm.

Because our lives as entrepreneurs, who « recently » turned 40, fill us with ample amounts of discovery & experience.

And so we decided to direct this energy & experience of ours into something that we’d both been considering for a long time, only separately. Something a little out of the ordinary for our over-achiever, over-planner, over-deliver type-A personalities.

We planned to interview some of the most incredible 40-years olds that we know and admire from all over the world, and tap into their wisdom, humor, fears and resilience relating to being in their 40s.

How does life in our 40s get to be so rich? It’s not necessarily an easy one, no. Not a simple one either. Nor is it a relaxing one. And yet it’s a much more fulfilling decade than the ones before that, am I right?

Is it wisdom that comes with the first white hair?

Is it the change of mindset that comes with the years of sleep deprivation?

Or is it the better understanding (and acceptation) of our true self…

We hung up, ordered our microphones, reached out to our friends, and friends of friends, to let them know that we were going to record them talking about their 40s …and we pressed record a few days later. Recording these conversations was incredibly inspiring.


And that’s how the podcast This is 40! was born. 


For today’s podcast launch, I’m happy to share our first few episodes with you:

Ep.1: meet Bommy Lee, former journalist at the International Herald Tribune, followed by a career in health startups. Bommy checked all the boxes, fulfilling the traditional definitions of success: great schools, sought-after career, amazing marriage, 3 great kids…  she really wasn’t expecting her world to shake. But it did. And she started “the questioning”. Listen to episode as she explains how she built it back up her life piece by piece to her standards.


Ep.2: meet Baptiste Carrière-Pradal, former Head of Sustainability and Compliance at  international sporting goods retailer Decathlon, who left a stellar international career to embrace his family heritage and join his 7-generation family wine estate in Languedoc, France. Tune in to find out how he went about organizing his life to fit its many facets (a spouse in Amsterdam + a family estate in France), how he went about mastering the intricacies of caring for the land and soil with the help of his mother, a pioneer in organic wine-making, and how he went about injecting his own touch to the family business.


Bonus episode!!! with Mrids and I sharing a bit more about our lives and the reason why we decided to create this show.


Join our community on iTunes Podcasts here on IG here and on Facebook here, and make space for  our guests from all over the world as they open up their hearts to share their experience and the gifts their 40s has brought them. 


Let me ask you,Alexia, whether you’re chest-deep in your 4th decade or not: what is 40 to you?


Thanks for your time, thanks for your trust.

Look after yourself extra-carefully.