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A la Carte

So many ideas, so many projects to bring to life, so little time, such a small team… I know this feeling all too well.

You are an expert in your field, not in business development and marketing. This is my specialty. So let’s let the synergy work its magic!

Do you wish to be guided and supported in the structuration and implementation of effective and sustainable business development plans?

I am a former business lawyer with extensive international experience and expertise in business input and development of client proposals.

I’m at your side upstream, at the strategic stage, as well as downstream, in operational mode on the following:
  • Identification of medium and long term visions, strategic priorities
  • Ecosystem analysis (industry trends, customer and talent expectations, data)
  • Impactful networking
  • Development of key client portfolios
  • Introductory services – business intermediary
  • Identification of business opportunities
  • Development and implementation of best practices
  • Marketing strategy
  • Preparation for the deal closing
« I firmly believe that the creation and growth of a business should never be done at the expense of your values, your inner balance and your quality of life. Working with me therefore implies trust, respect and enthusiasm! »


Do you want this year to be decisive for you and your company? A high-impact day with me and my “(B)right brain” (right brain!) is exactly what you need!

What does a VIP day look like?
We meet either virtually or in person. Then we focus – brains, intuitions, and data (business plan, market research, visual identity, skills assessment, blockages, etc.) on one or more key areas of your company or entrepreneurial project that we will have defined beforehand.


a VIP day, you will be able to, among other things:
  • Clarify your objectives, your vision and your business
  • Define a marketing strategy with the systems in place and the systems required
  • Create work processes that fit you
  • Develop an action plan – ambitious but realistic and detailed

To ensure that your VIP Day continues to bear its fruits well beyond the 8+ hours spent together:


Two weeks prior to your VIP Day, we will have a 30 minutes call to expand your expectations and determine how you can get the most out of our time together (expect to have some homework to do before the big day – no worries though!).


At the end of your VIP Day, you will go home knowing exactly what steps to take to make your project work.


You will be put in touch with some of my most relevant (and valuable!) contacts according to your needs.


You’ll get unlimited WhatsApp support for two weeks after your VIP day.


You’ll know who to turn to, to stimulate – or even revive – your inspiration for the days when you need it most.


I will share with you my best #entrepreneurlife tips to help you maintain your energy and a positive, hardworking spirit.


Finally, we will have a 1-hour follow-up call six weeks after your VIP day to review your progress and congratulate you on all the incredible work already done!

Note: This is a high-energy intensive day, therefor I only accept 1 VIP day per month. You might be asked to wait a few weeks for your very own VIP Day.

What people are saying

"Alexia is a consultant of a different kind: she REALLY gets involved, is passionate about OUR business and its issues, sends priceless sparks and ideas and makes you understand the steps you need to take in order to move into the right direction."

Jens Fordererpartner at Wenner and Chairman of the international netwok of international law firms Pangea Net

"I absolutely love working with Alexia. Her sense of service is rare. She shows up with her great energy and warmth, and people immediately focus on what she has to share with them. I always know she will deliver!"

Melik BoudemaghCEO and co-founder of Hercule

Will I be able to run alone from now on? I think so. Will I stop falling? Certainly not....but I know how to get back up. Thanks to Alexia I know I can get back up. She has given me energy when I needed it, created bonds that I am grateful for, allowed me to see that I don't have to be ashamed of not always mastering everything but that I can be proud of always looking for solutions. In short, I'm grateful that I have crossed her path and proud to have been able to verbalize all those entrepreneurial hassles that seem trivial but sometimes take up too much space. I am now aligned. Well, I think I am! Thank you.

Diane LapaqueFounder of 123 kids

Launching an entrepreneurial venture with Alexia by your side is like working hand in hand with a business partner because she takes your success so much to heart. What I love about her coaching is her holistic approach, which allows me to build a healthy business, from all points of view: financially, of course, but also from a mental and physical point of view. She always has relevant and fine recommendations, she understands and anticipates your needs. And what a laugh, so important for me! Thank you Alexia for your accompaniment so sharp and warm, quite a mix that you have created.

Sandra FillaudeauLes Equilibristes podcast

Alexia is a magician for me! Or maybe Shiva... Alexia helped me realign myself, gave me a boost, gave me back the energy I was lacking and allowed me to find the drive that makes me happy where I am today and that nothing seems impossible as long as I want it. In addition to her relevance, her professionalism, her benevolence, her aura (and her cheerfulness even during the gloomy winter mornings), Alexia handles with dexterity a multitude of talents and extremely varied techniques that she knew how to apply to me each time with a lot of finesse and relevance. In short, you will have understood, for me, Alexia is to be consumed without moderation!

Véronique FodorLawyer


A la Carte


Based on the Mission



Strategic development
My expertise, your company
Plan & prioritise business goals
Assess & implement targeted actions
Business network expansion
Quote will be based on the scope of the mission


Full day


2960 $ (+VAT)


A high-impact intensive day
100% dedicated to you
Move forward at a faster pace
Clarify, assess, prioritise your business goals
Plan, strategise, activate the systems needed