for entrepreneurs

Are you trying to figure out what a thriving professional career might look like for you?

Are you an entrepreneur at heart – but postponing the moment when you will take control of your project, this great leap into the unknown?

Are you already self-employed but need a boost to get out of your comfort zone, get clear on your objectives or revisit your fundamentals? Do you wish that you could overcome your inner blockages, regain your initial motivation and understand your dream goals? See the path to become a high performer?

Then my mix of personal & business development coaching might be just what you need.

I offer 3 types of programs for you:


The Inside Out Entrepreneur
My expertise and guidance- all yours

Online courses

B. Academy

Learn independently and at your own pace


with your Intuition

Get the answers to your questions from within you, through you and for you

Let me guide you. I know all too well what big changes feel like- and what owning your life and finding your inner freedom can do for you.”


The Inside Out Entrepreneur

The Inside Out Entrepreneur is the coaching program that I was longing for when I was looking to pivot.

The Inside Out Entrepreneur program has been created for you, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, CEOs, mompreneurs, coaches and consultants (transitioning or already in business) in order to help you :

  • seek clarity as to who you want to be as a successful business owner
  • refine your goals according to your true potential
  • manage your stress and energy
  • find (and affirm) your voice
  • show up for your vision
  • unlock your min and dismantle inner blockages
  • protect and optimize your mental and physical health
  • make you visible (within your community, online and IRL)
  • build a supportive community of customers, fans and peers to amplify your impact

I only offer you tools that I have tested and integrated myself and whose beneficial impact on my personal, professional and family life have been proven. Read my story here to learn more about my journey, my experiences and my trial and error.

The aligned entrepreneur knows that her visible achievements and successes (“Out”) are intertwined with her personal bliss & growth (“Inside”)!



During this tailor-made coaching program, you will learn how to put your multiple priorities in order, how to master your time without frustration, how to listen to your “inner weather”, how to create an intentional business development plan (strategic and intuitive – yes, it’s possible!), how to gather around you a present and dynamic community, and how to seize new opportunities with enthusiasm and lightness.


  • intensive months of coaching 1:1 (10 online sessions of 90 minutes each)
  • A customized action plan, resources, tools and worksheets
  • Me at your side every step of the way
  • Access to my community and network

Note: I also offer intensive single sessions (2 hours) for those who want to go even deeper, faster



Are you interested in working with a coach but want to feel the emulation, energy, camaraderie and networking potential that comes from working hand in hand with a small group of your peers? Then our Group coaching program is perfect for you!

I offer my signature program The Inside Out Entrepreneur for a group of 8 highly motivated and engaged people.

  • 4 month of intensive coaching
  • 10 online sessions x 90 min
  • Slack & Telegram private channels
  • A program held twice a year (March and September)
  • Privileged access to my community and network of contacts
  • Increase your own level of awareness
  • Opportunity to grow your own energizing community of like-minded entrepreneurs and to maximize this truly unique experience!

This time spent together working on your personal and business goals will allow you to integrate the new thinking techniques, to test many mindset and development tools, to tweak what needs be, and to anchor these changes in a sustainable way so that they continue to deliver their benefits in all areas of your life.

Online courses

B. Academy

Welcome to the B;Academy! I have designed this digital space for you, to make available additional expert knowledge that is readily applicable for you and your business, to bring a more global intention to your daily life and to add an extra high-performing dimension to your business.

The B.Academy is where you can access a range of mini-courses, guest experts masterclasses, full-on training courses and conference replays. They are all designed to give you access to everything that I have tested, learned and integrated over the years as a business and high performance coach.


with your intuition

You are looking for answers about your personal life, you want to fine-tune a business strategy using your intuition – learn how to use your little inner voice! This inner voice is the calm, reassuring and gentle voice within YOU that guides you to the ultimate alignment. We all have access to it and can draw on it to make the decisions that are right for us – not the “expected” decisions.

I propose to “facilitate” your dialogue in order to go beyond the mind and help you reach your inner voice.

How does a session take place?
During your session (2 hours for the classic version or 45 minutes for the short version), you will live a unique experience that gives you access to a direct line of communication with your little inner voice and during which you can simply be your inner wisdom. As with an active meditation, you will slow down your brain activity, focus on an anchor point to welcome and feel your intuition and let it express itself.

I am a certified Inner Voice Facilitator, trained directly by Jess Lively (creator of the method). I have also been trained in Controlled Remote Viewing by the iRiS Institute.

En savoir plus

I will be at your side to help you break out of your stream of thoughts, to give free rein to your inner voice, to facilitate dialogue, to help you release old limiting beliefs and other emotional blockages (what Eckhart Tolle calls the “Pain Body” and Jess Lively the “Emotional Bean Bags”), and to gently remind your mind not to try to steal the spotlight from it!

You can take the opportunity to discover the answers to the most subtle topics in your mind, and wander along the path of peace, serenity, greater alignment and joy.

The sessions are entirely online so you can benefit from them no matter where you live or what your time constraints are.


the classic (2h)

This classic 2-hour session gives you access to your own inner guidance in all areas of your life. As we progress through the session, your mind will become more flexible and will make way for your inner voice to be heard – crescendo!


Abridged (45min)

True to Jess Lively’s teaching on “Emotional bean bags release” (“Pain body” if you read Eckhart Tolle), I also offer a short yet powerful version that focuses on releasing ingrained emotions.

What people are saying

Working with Alexia was a gift! She held a safe and calming space for me while I was able to release emotions and energy working with my Inner Voice. I would recommend Alexia if you are looking to work with someone truly gifted. Also, she has the sweetest French accent that I really enjoyed!

Angela Amante

I had such an amazing first experience really tapping into my inner voice thanks to the reassurance and support from Alexia. Having her guide and encourage me through this session was so helpful as it took a lot of effort for me to really get into my inner voice and out of my mind. Alexia was so patient and continued to guide me in different methods to let go. It was so powerful to have someone ask my inner voice questions and go deeper. Alexia's voice was so soothing and comforting. She made our session feel very relaxed and nonjudgmental.

Danielle Westbrook

Alexia is kind, patient and able to hold the inner voice in a steady sure way. Thank you for being with “me”

Jess Trent

I had a fun time in the “beanbag release” session with Alexia! It was a light and easy way to move stuck energy.

Ariana G.

What came up in my session with Alexia was totally unexpected & I had huge releases. Alexia guided me through them so gently and gave me plenty of time, space and assurance. She made me feel safe throughout this. She was also able to notice swiftly whenever my mind was interfering and firmly helped bring the awareness back to inner voice. For me this release feels so freeing and Alexia was just so fantastic with her questioning and pace to our session. I ended in the most beautiful blissful state. Such a gift! Thank you!

Gyan Gurung

Alexia is a gentle guide who was able to support my inner being and allow me to release a lot of emotional bean bags and tension in the body. She was a wonderful guide. What a glorious experience.

Pleasance Silicki


Private coaching


2 options available


2 options available: 1 x 2h of intensive coaching; or
10 online sessions x 90 mins x 4 months
Option to swap 1 coaching session for a “dialogue with your intuition” session
+ applicable taxes
Option to pay in 1 or 3 installments

Group coaching


2990 $ 2460 EUR (+VAT)


5 months of group coaching
10 online sessions x 90 mins
A community of like-minded entrepreneurs
Guidance, Support & Training
All sessions are online
+ applicable taxes
Payment in 1 or 3 installments

Dialogue with your intuition
Classic version


540 $ 446 EUR (+VAT)


The Classic as taught by Jess Lively
2 hours of uninterrupted facilitated dialogue
All sessions are online
All sessions are recorded
+ applicable taxes

Dialogue with your intuition
Abridged version


110 $ 91 EUR (+VAT)


Abridged session (44 min)
Ideal to help release a stuck emotion
All sessions are online
All sessions are recorded
+ applicable taxes