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for entrepreneurs

Are you trying to figure out what a thriving professional career might look like for you?

Are you an entrepreneur at heart – but postponing the moment when you will take control of your project, this great leap into the unknown?

Are you already self-employed but need a boost to get out of your comfort zone, get clear on your objectives or revisit your fundamentals? Do you wish that you could overcome your inner blockages, regain your initial motivation and understand your dream goals? See the path to become a high performer?

Then my mix of personal & business development coaching might be just what you need.

I offer 3 types of programs for you:
Let me guide you. I know all too well what big changes feel like- and what owning your life and finding your inner freedom can do for you.”


The Inside Out Entrepreneur

The Inside Out Entrepreneur is the coaching program that I was longing for when I was looking to pivot.

The Inside Out Entrepreneur program has been created for you, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, CEOs, mompreneurs, coaches and consultants (transitioning or already in business) in order to help you :

  • seek clarity as to who you want to be as a successful business owner
  • refine your goals according to your true potential
  • manage your stress and energy
  • find (and affirm) your voice
  • show up for your vision
  • unlock your min and dismantle inner blockages
  • protect and optimize your mental and physical health
  • make you visible (within your community, online and IRL)
  • build a supportive community of customers, fans and peers to amplify your impact

I only offer you tools that I have tested and integrated myself and whose beneficial impact on my personal, professional and family life have been proven. Read my story here to learn more about my journey, my experiences and my trial and error.

The aligned entrepreneur knows that her visible achievements and successes (“Out”) are intertwined with her personal bliss & growth (“Inside”)!



During this tailor-made coaching program, you will learn how to put your multiple priorities in order, how to master your time without frustration, how to listen to your “inner weather”, how to create an intentional business development plan (strategic and intuitive – yes, it’s possible!), how to gather around you a present and dynamic community, and how to seize new opportunities with enthusiasm and lightness.


  • intensive months of coaching 1:1 (10 online sessions of 90 minutes each)
  • A customized action plan, resources, tools and worksheets
  • Me at your side every step of the way
  • Access to my community and network

Note: I also offer intensive single sessions (2 hours) for those who want to go even deeper, faster



Are you interested in working with a coach but want to feel the emulation, energy, camaraderie and networking potential that comes from working hand in hand with a small group of your peers? Then our Group coaching program is perfect for you!

I offer my signature program The Inside Out Entrepreneur for a group of 8 highly motivated and engaged people.

  • 4 month of intensive coaching
  • 10 online sessions x 90 min
  • Slack & Telegram private channels
  • A program held twice a year (March and September)
  • Privileged access to my community and network of contacts
  • Increase your own level of awareness
  • Opportunity to grow your own energizing community of like-minded entrepreneurs and to maximize this truly unique experience!

This time spent together working on your personal and business goals will allow you to integrate the new thinking techniques, to test many mindset and development tools, to tweak what needs be, and to anchor these changes in a sustainable way so that they continue to deliver their benefits in all areas of your life.

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What people are saying

Alexia has made me discover and love the entrepreneur in me! Thanks to her business coaching, I discovered how much I want to grow and expand my concept. Her explanations are clear and her solutions are appropriate. I find in her a trait we have in common: testing, validating and integrating each method that we then offer to our clients. She has naturally become a true business partner - and friend - for me.

Caroline LamassourePersonal development coach, Expert in traditional Feng Shui and Author # les13clefsdelharmonieinterieure

I joined the group coaching program hoping that it would help me move forward in the realization of my projects and that I would be able to meet a few other entrepreneurs with whom to exchange. 4 months later: I signed a distribution agreement with a luxury hotel chain in the Emirates in total flow (I'm still pinching myself!) and I'm collaborating on a project with one of the people I met in the group! It's not coaching: it's a pair of wings!

Solange HPerfume designer

Alexia is the dula for your entrepreneurial birthing experience! She guides you, listens to you, holds your hand during difficult moments, shares your joys as if they were her own, and doesn't let you go until everything is on track. Even 6 months after the end of my coaching, I am still in contact with her to exchange on my "entrepreneurial baby" which is growing wonderfully well!

CamilleFounder of womentech

I can only recommend Alexia for anyone who wants to give a huge boost to their business or box. Her coaching is comprehensive, effective and brings concrete results. I have exceeded my goals in working with Alexia. Her holistic, caring and modern approach has allowed me to surprise myself! Alexia is generous, creates synergies between her coachees and does not hesitate to introduce you to people she knows to help you move forward. Thanks to her, I have met future clients, but above all I have gained confidence in myself. It was when I heard her talk about me to her acquaintances that I realized that I was much more than I imagined. Somehow she taught me to spread my wings. I feel so much more aligned after her coaching for a few months, I feel in tune with who I am and what I want. There is still work to be done but I am on the right track. Thank you Alexia 😊

Anne-Laure BaratinEditorial consultant

When I started my entrepreneurial adventure, I had the desire, the idea, and everything else was still to be built. Through her coaching program, Alexia became my compass, my confidant, the number one fan I needed to believe in my project every day and keep moving forward. Today, I look back at the path I have taken in just a few months, and I am certain of one thing: my dream of opening a school is becoming a reality for next fall. It is an immense satisfaction to have aligned my reality with my life project, and I owe this in large part to Alexia's generosity, expertise and availability. Thank you!

Stéphanie CamineFounder of Eclosia School

Thank you for your commitment, for taking the risk to leave your job, for taking the risk to talk to strangers like me. For considering people, but above all for doing things in a determined and precise way. Thank you for your energy. At the end of the program I will see even more clearly and that I will take those steps that sometimes scare me.

HalimRestaurant owner




2 options available
 1 x 2h of intensive coaching
10 online sessions x 90 mins x 4 months

+ applicable taxes
Option to pay in 1 or 3 installments




5 months of group coaching
10 online sessions x 90 mins
A community of like-minded entrepreneurs
Guidance, Support & Training
All sessions are online
+ applicable taxes
Payment in 1 or 3 installments