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“In my role as a coach for entrepreneurs or business development consultant, my greatest satisfaction is to help you identify your own zone of genius – as a business owner and as a human being.”

Book: De l'art d'envoyer valser sa carrière (Hachette)

Alexia Colson-Duparchy introduces her book (in French)

In her book De l’art d’envoyer valser sa carrière, Alexia gathered the testimonials of 35 business creators who have decided to leave behind their brilliant careers (by all French standards!) and taken a whole new path as they seek better alignment with their values. De l’art d’envoyer valser sa carrière, available online and in bookstores!

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"De l’art d’envoyer valser sa carrière", available online and in bookstores

From microfinance to agriculture, from banking to wine cellars, from human resources to bookshops…: there are many drastic career pivots and life changes to discover in this resolutely inspiring book.

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What they have to say about the book

“To be savored without moderation! This book is a delight of life sharing, advice, generosity and benevolence. We walk through it at leisure, we come back to it, just for the sake of it! In addition to all these beautiful encounters with inspiring men and women, it is also wonderfully illustrated. A huge bravo and we look forward to the next one!”

Charlotte Goutard

“A must read! Excellent work on the desire for change, from the idea to its realization. The life stories, like the illustrations, are magnificent!”