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Quote in Le Monde Campus 8 april, p. 4 "Changer de vie, mode d’emploi"

“Reprendre des études, bien choisir sa formation, faire un bilan de compétences… : 8 étapes pour changer de métier”

Interview Le Monde "On change de trajectoire parce qu’on a réestimé la valeur de ce qui est important pour soi" (7 avril 2021)

Besides having a project, changing course requires to get the support of those around you, overcome your fears, and know the many mechanisms that can help with the transition, believes coach Alexia Colson-Duparchy.

Create a Life that is Beautiful podcast with Leticia Ringe (10 Nov 2020) S06 Ep 111
« Ils ont changé de vie… Et pour rien au monde ne retourneraient en arrière »

Psychologie Positive N°10 Spécial Bien-être au travail, P. 114

Interview in La Nouvelle République “Tout quitter et créer sa boîte : même en période de crise ?” (French, 22 Oct 2020)

Lockdown, the switch to working from home … The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated for some a decision-making towards a change of life. Everything can change very quickly, so why not do the job I love?

Les Équilibristes (Sept 2020) Épisode 33 "Envoyer valser sa carrière" (in French)
Tuning In (Aug 2020)
« Episode 50: Being a Projector and Inner Voice facilitator in real life: the Highs and Lows of this work” – Conversation with Alexia
Alexia Colson-Duparchy introduces her book, De l'art d'envoyer valser sa carriere (in French, Aug 2020)

In her book De l’art d’envoyer valser sa carrière, Alexia gathered the testimonials of 35 business creators who have decided to leave behind their brilliant careers (by all French standards!) and taken a whole new path as they seek better alignment with their values.

Spring Step (in japanese)
Interview in Kunel magazine (Japanese, 2019)

Alexia was interviewed by the Magazine Kunel to talk about her life as a proud, ambitious Parisian entrepreneur and to share her secrets for dealing with unnamable hair!

Pourquoi les cabinets de droit des affaires doivent innover d’urgence?

Interview in the French Newspaper l’Opinion (July 2018).