Be Right Be B…right

Do you find yourself dreaming of expanding your entrepreneurial adventure? Of carrying out a project that is close to your heart?

B.Right Brains is about helping each and every one of you achieve your projects, whether they are personal or professional.

We fuel the right and left hemispheres of our incredible Brain as a way to promote our introspection and growth, we stimulate the mind and listen to the intuition, we combine the concrete and the intangible. That is the B.Right Brains’ way.

Everything is already there, available within you. B.Right Brains helps you figure out your gifts, illuminate them and materialize them in order to give you all the keys to your very own expansion.

B.Right Brains draws its core experience from its background as business development expert for law firms and entrepreneurs. And takes it to the next level by broadening its offering. Thanks to strong relationships of rust built with clients, chance encounters and a general shift in the world outside that the boundaries between the personal and the professional spheres are becoming increasingly blurred, B.Right Brains now offers a dynamic platform for progress, inspiration, collaboration and self-discovery.

Meet the founder Alexia

Discover Bright Brains core offering:

Business Development


Need support and guidance to structure effective and sustainable development plans for your business? Looking to externalize your strategic development and marketing?

Coaching for entrepreneurs:


Entrepreneur at heart but afraid to take the reins? Already well into the entrepreneurial adventure but you need new tools to go beyond your comfort zone and integrate new thinking patterns? 

Speaker & Moderator


Looking for a speaker or moderator for your next event? My former career as a lawyer turned me into a fan of structured debate and nuanced argumentation. I value my audience – and do not to take myself too seriously!

Free resources


Book, TV show, cheat sheets, masterclass, newsletter…sharing is caring! I share what I know to guide you in your adventure.

What people are saying

"Alexia is a consultant of a different kind: she REALLY gets involved, is passionate about OUR business and its issues, sends priceless sparks and ideas and makes you understand the steps you need to take in order to move into the right direction."

Jens Fordererpartner at Wenner and Chairman of the international netwok of international law firms Pangea Net

Alexia m'a fait aimer l'entrepreneuse qui sommeillait en moi! Grâce à son accompagnement business, je découvre à quel point j'ai envie de faire évoluer mon concept et ma position. Ses explications sont limpides et ses solutions, appropriées. Je retrouve en elle un trait de caractère que nous avons en commun : celui de tester, valider et intégrer chaque méthode que nous proposons à nos clients. Elle est naturellement devenue pour moi une vraie partenaire!

Caroline LamassoureCoach en développement personnel, Experte en Feng Shui traditionnel et Auteure #les13clefsdelharmonieinterieure

"I absolutely love working with Alexia. Her sense of service is rare. She shows up with her great energy and warmth, and people immediately focus on what she has to share with them. I always know she will deliver!"

Melik BoudemaghCEO and co-founder of Hercule

"I had the pleasure of working with Alexia to help facilitate an annual seminar with my teams. She tapped into her rich and varied experience, her expertise as well as her talents to lead the workshops and moderate plenary sessions in a professional and dynamic way."

Christopher MENARDHead of Legal ENEDIS