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After years of day-dreaming, months of constant talk and weeks of work around the clock… I’m delighted to announce the official birth of B.right Brains Co., the boutique agency for business initiation and development.

Clients turn to me to help structure and secure the proper evolution of their business and to ensure its viability, efficiency, vitality and desirability. I support my clients both at the strategic stage of management through consultations and training, and with day-to-day operations.

“B.right Brains What??”

This name combines buoyancy (bright), wits (brains), the famous right brain (which would be nothing without the left one!), insight (right) and the sense of collectivity (Co.).

In short: my drives, my skills and my corporate-friendly “shortcomings” – all mobilized for this label.


Who do I work with?

From the International network of independent law firms to the startled start-up, from a premium agri-food brand looking to benchmark the European market for potential franchises to the organic cosmetic company looking for discreet deep-pocket investors, or In-house legal teams of listed companies looking to train their talents on niche leadership topics,… you’ll find out more details on the website under the “Clients“ tab.


Thank YOU!

Our many conversations and exchanges have fed me, inspired me and eventually have made me bold enough to start this business initiation and development agency. Keep sharing your stories and keep challenging me!


Follow our adventure

Follow our journey on the company’s LinkedIn account (click “+ Follow”) AND by registering on the website (using the registration form). You will then receive in your inbox the monthly B.right Brains dispatch. No spam, I swear!

And of course, I trust you to circulate the future Newsletter to your own networks.

Long live our dreams, our aspirations and our evenings spent changing the world.

With all my gratitude,