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You’re part of a new project for me, a newsletter that I write for a (surprisingly) large number of people scattered all over the world to read on the first Friday of every month.

This is a project to challenge myself to create more out of what I know and what I enjoy doing the most: connect people, broadcast knowledge, share a good story.

This is a project to try and help you figure out – and figure out  together as we go by-  how to get a little bit more out of your company, out of your ambition, of your life, out of yourself.

You’re going to click away today with some inspired ideas that you can incorporate into your business immediately.

Welcome to the B.right Brains Co. project


Thanks to the invitation of law firm Gide, I had the opportunity to attend a thought-and-action provoking conference on  Sustainable Entreprises (“EntreprisesResponsables: vers un nouveau modèle de croissance?”) that was organized in partnership with the Fondation Croissance Responsable.

While the venue was nothing short of stunning (Institut de France, home to the Académie Française, built in the 1660s on the Seine river bank, connected to the Louvre by the dreamy Pont des Arts… Paris, right?!), it was nothing in comparison to the quality of the interventions of the passionate, active and creative guest speakers.

Dreamers AND Doers 

My kind of inspiration. One of the take-aways that really caught my brain as a business owner and a concerned citizen of the world was the BCG report presented by BCG France’s Guillaume Charlin on what it calls “total societal impact” objectives: Total Societal Impact: A New Lens for Strategy.

Although super late to the band-wagon, this was the opportunity for me to discover Wendy Woods’ Ted Talk on The Business Benefits of Doing Good (also BCG): it’s really business-oriented (profits is not a dirty concept) AND promotes societal responsibility beyond its obvious moral and ethical tenants.

This top-of-the-art report explains why (and how) companies of all sizes and shape need to wake up and think beyond their CSR objectives (Corporate Social Responsibility – in case this is all new to you – it’s never too late!) and reconsider and reinvent their business models so as to fully embrace “the full economic, social, and environmental impact (both positive and negative) of a company’s products, services, operations, core capabilities, and activities”.
If reading a full-on report this weekend instead of catching a great movie (The Green book, anyone??! I could write a whole post on the teachings of that movie, I loved it so much) is not on your must-do list, then at least take 2 minutes to browse through the summary of the report. You’ll find 8 factors that have been identified to help you rethink your strategies and business model and amplify your societal impact without impeding your shareholder returns.
And you know what? In my very own little ways, with my small business and together with some of my clients, I’ve decided to give this a shot and implement strategies that include TSI objectives. Doing my part for a better (business) world. How about you?

Food for the (bright) brains:

Marketers make change happen. If you can make someone better, if you can open a door for someone, if you can shine a light, that’s the act of marketing. Because what you’ve done is brought an idea or a product or a service to someone who needs it and offered the help.

Seth Godin