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Tell me: do you still enjoy collaborating and cocreating in 2021? 


Today I woke up thinking of the true richness of a recent collaborative digital event that I attended last week. What a treat that was. It almost felt like I was there in person.

Obviously, this will be one of our biggest challenges of the year: knowing how to collaborate, how to meaningfully connect with each other despite the distance, the mask and tutti quanti.

The last few months have forced us to reinvent the traditional art of meeting and creating synergies. It’s been more than a year since we’ve been talking to each other only through screens, with Zoom requests popping up in our mailboxes where we’re invited to “join” the meeting.

Our key problem these days for us working on-line? That our room might have a faulty WiFi connection or that a child unexpectedly runs past the camera in a less than civilized outfit.

We don’t meet, we don’t get to really see each other anymore, either professionally or personally. The coming months will be different surely, but just as the world of work is in the process of reinventing itself, we too will have to rethink our ways of collaborating.

But this period of time will also have proved to be a great hub of experimentation: from the virtual euphoria of the early days of containment with online drinks on Houseparty, then insta lives on Instagram, audio debates on Club House, or even invitations to testify on podcasts … we were able to test it all and stretch our virtual limits.

So, tell me: what do you think are the essentials for co-creating quality content and meaningful complicity in 2021, in a way that makes our professional meetings intellectually refreshing?

Let me have a go at starting the conversation here – but I’m looking forward to receiving your opinions and ideas in my email box!


Here are the non-negotiable factors that help me to delineate the basis of a collaboration to create a new project, a conference, a book or any other type of co-creative project :

FUN – an absolute essential: the pleasure of getting involved in a mission with such and such a person; the excitement of venturing on a new path; the thrill of joyfully challenging oneself; and the anticipation of celebrating this future accomplishment


the right amount of FLOW, that state where we feel perfectly aligned allowing us to define the future field of possibilities (even if we don’t quite feel at ease, nor completely in our element at first … let’s embrace these opportunities to leave our comfort zone!


CONTENT: generous, enriching, structured AND fun

Such is, in my opinion, the ideal check-list to follow in order to reinvent yourself over and over in the art of collaboration, whatever the platform, the team, the format or the subject.

A formula that I hope will be sublimated thanks to your comments. And that I look forward to sharing with you in a concrete way in the coming months as exciting new collaborations are having me prepare for a few stimulating events to better serve my community of career pivoters and business creators in search of healthy growth…

Can’t wait to tell you more!

In the meantime?

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the main french newspaper Le Monde by Natacha Lefauconnier to talk about career change and my book De l’art d’envoyer valser sa carrière (Hachette). The interview is available here for those of you who wish to brush up your French.

Want to discover simple and impactful techniques to help you manage your stress (or simply to sleep better!), to optimize your mindset or to enrich your daily life? Follow me on Instagram @alexiabbco where I gladly share tips, techniques, discoveries and meetings (most posts are written in both French and English) .

A bientôt!


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