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The art of creating abundance through sharing

How are you?

This weekend was the occasion for me to reflect of the art of sharing and the gift of sharing. You see, sharing creates abundance (and writing a book sure helped me realize this !)…

As I celebrated earlier this month the one year anniversary of the finalization of my first book manuscript (there is no such thing as a small celebration as I like to remind my students !), I was reminded of a very particular path: the one of writing a book and the rare virtuous and anchoring feelings that come from it.

Writing a book is ultimately about sharing. And sharing is all about creating abundance.

Let me tell you about it!

At the origin of “De l’art d’envoyer valser sa carrière” (which can be losely translated as “The art of making your career swing”) was this sentence that I often heard around me : ” it’s  just too damn hard to start your own business venture”. A sentence that crystallizes a lot of fears, sometimes projections, and that also transcends the desire of many people to give more depth and dimension to their professional life.

I have experienced these fear-focused questions, wondering what was the right professional path for me (but it’s not the subject of the day;). And when it was my turn to share my growth experience as a business owner, I had to think of ways to bring a meaningful contribution. I decided to find a way to bring “concrete” inspiration to people who are looking for their calling, tips on how to follow their ikigai with faith, or how to turn their zones of genius into an abundant career.

​​And to me, there’s nothing better than sharing your story to help motivate one’s thinking and lead to concrete, inspired action. “If he or she could do it, then how about me?”.

So I knocked on the doors (physical and digital) of people I knew to be inspiring. Inspiring to me, to you. And all these people I approached (except for the one!) responded positively to the perfect stranger that I was to them then.

And I’m sharing this with you because it had a huge impact on me:

It is worth being daring, reaching out, asking a question, sharing your dreams. Whether it’s when you want to change jobs, test an idea or write a book!

This is exactly what all the people I interviewed for my book did to find their way and figure their place. And they received 1000 times more in return, as I also received so much in return by sharing their stories.

In the meantime?

My signature group coaching program The Inside Out Entrepreneur will reopen mid september for 4 months of intensive intentional & mindset-led business coaching. This next round is meant to be conducted in French only, but if I have 4 people (or more!) interested in an English-speaking group, I will then gladly rise up to the occasion (more than half of my individual coachings are conducted in English)! Interested? Send me a message and let’s chat !

Want to discover simple and impactful techniques to help you manage your stress (or simply to sleep better!), to optimize your mindset or to enrich your daily life? Follow me on Instagram @alexiabbco where I gladly share tips, techniques, discoveries and meetings (most posts are written in both French and English) .

A bientôt!


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