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Stop comparing yourself – and  invite mind expanders into your life instead!

Hello, wonderful community of aligned entrepreneurs ! How are you ?

Let’s face it: no matter where you are based in the world, the past few months have been tougher-than-usual on the nerves. So as a gift to yourself, may I suggest that you unplug and take some time to yourself. May be even a proper break for a couple of weeks? In any case, how about getting out once and for all of the soul-crushing comparison game ( comparing yourself to your colleagues, to your friends, to yourself 15 years ago, to the new girlfriend of your ex, to the latest cover of Elle / Esquire…) ?

Ah, comparing yourself to others…almost a second nature to most of us. This insidious, sterile feeling that imprints itself on us when we’re busy scrolling on LinkedIn, Instagram or other. This tendency to judge oneself in the light of what we think we know of the other person – her perfect life, his glorious achievements – is not limited to the virtual world or to the glossy magazines.

And even though we know all too well that this is not “real life”, we still have this reflex to compare what we see to what we assume we are. Usually with a side of cynicism and self-pity.

Come on…think back to one of your latest dinners in the presence of someone who does the same job as you with talent (“Already a partner at her age ? With 3 young kids ? and who loves her job ? ..while people in my team don’t even know of my existence ! “), who shares a recent success (“I can’t even update my feed on LinkedIn, so forget about being asked to share my experience on TedX !”) or who seems to be so gloriously happy in her relationship (“wow, they seem so happy even after 20 years together. I bet it’s just a facade !”).

So next time that you’re tempted to compare (and deprecate) yourself, may I suggest that you take notes instead of what triggers inspiration from those people that you love to hate or love to admire ? What could you learn from them and adapt in your own life ?

Dynamic inspiration instead of sterile envy is an angle that I work on with every one of my clients, both men and women, especially in my collective coaching program The Inside Out Entrepreneur which reopens this September (in French).

Learn to welcome those “mind expanders”, as Lacy Philips calls them. These inspiring people are door openers that will show you the range of possibilities and make you want to go further. They often echo your own journey, both in their achievements and in their moments of doubt or failure.

Interested in my coaching for aligned entrepreneurs ?

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